Maurico’s mantra is simple: Better Music, Better Life. As a veteran rapper, producer, and singer, the Nashville native brings a hard earned wisdom to his music. Having spent years playing the music industry game, he is now becoming a star on his own terms. As CEO of Trak Makas Music Group, he is building an independent career, inspiring listeners to lead a healthier life body, mind, and soul. 

Nothing has ever come easy for Maurico. His childhood was a difficult one. Family life was rife with poverty, illness, and drug abuse. As a young boy, Maurico found solace in music. Without access to proper equipment, he learned to use whatever was available. He developed a love for creating while using cheap cassette players and outdated microphones. When he got to high school, Maurico found a kindred spirit, which gave him his first taste of stardom. Working as a duo with his classmate, Maurico began performing and distributing CD’s in his hometown, eventually leading to airplay on a major Nashville radio station. Always aiming higher, Maurico used this momentum to launch his solo career. 

Still just a teenager, the young artist was starting to make a name for himself around Nashville. Producing music videos, running a promotion team, and organizing release parties, Maurico was a one man music industry. The constant hustle paid off. In 2014 he was signed to the Tennessee Recording Company, a label co-owned by Matchbox 20’s Kyle Cook. This led to the release of his first official EP, ‘I Am Maurico’. The record dramatically expanded Maurico’s fanbase, and was featured in Billboard Magazine. 

In the years that followed, Maurico continued to grow as an artist. Determined to stay true to himself, he focused all his energy on creating influential tracks with a positive message. In early 2019, he released the single ‘Goals’ featuring Rome Logan. Buzz Music praised the track’s “Bouncy hip-hop swag, and motivational lyricism.” 

Maurico’s new album ‘Thanx A Lot’ is slated for release in 2019. Made in collaboration with GRAMMY winning super-producer SHANNON SANDERS, it is the culmination of a long musical journey. A heartfelt, inspirational work of art, the album is the perfect summary Maurico’s motto- Better Music, Better Life.